LABEX Pasts in the Present

Joint Projects of AHRC Care for the Future: Thinking Forward through the Past and The Cluster of Excellence LABEX Pasts in the Present: History, Heritage, Memory (for summaries please click here)

Aurélie Helmlinger & Bob Sturm, PIs
DaCaRyH (Data science for the study of calypso-rhythm through history)

Charles Forsdick & Annette Becker, PIs
‘Dark Tourism’ in Comparative Perspective: Sites of Suffering, Sites of Memory

Christian Biet & Clare Finburgh, PIs
Reviewing Spectacle: The Pasts, Presents and Futures of the Situationist International in Contemporary Performance

Frédéric Zalewski & James Mark, PIs
The Criminalisation of Dictatorial Pasts in Europe and Latin America in Global Perspective

Frédérique Duyrat & Andrew Meadows, PIs
OPAL the Oxford-Paris Alexander Project – Transnational Perspectives in a Digital Age

Kate Britton & Isabelle Sidéra, PIs
Animals, Lifeways and Lifeworlds in Yup’ik Archaeology (ALLY): Subsistence, Technologies, and Communities of Change

Sandra Kemp & Hervé Inglebert, PIs
Universal histories and universal museums: a transnational comparison

Sian Sullivan & Michèle Baussant, PIs
Disrupted Histories, Recovered Pasts: A Cross-Disciplinary Analysis and Cross-Case Synthesis of Oral Histories and History in Post-Conflict and Postcolonial Contexts