Large Grants

Assembling Alternative Futures for Heritage

Dr Rodney Harrison, University College London
Heritage is fundamentally concerned with assembling futures. This international, collaborative, multi-sited research programme will compare a range of conventional and unconventional future-making practices from a number of different heritage and heritage-like fields. It aims to facilitate co-creation and sharing of practical knowledge across domains of practice which are rarely considered collectively and to contribute to the development of innovative and sustainable approaches to heritage conservation.

The Antislavery Usable Past
Professor Kevin Bales, University of Hull
There are an estimated 30 million slaves alive today. This project seeks to provide the contemporary antislavery movement with a usable antislavery past and help translate history’s lessons into effective tools for policy makers, civil society, and citizens.

Performing the Jewish Archive
Dr Stephen Muir, University of Leeds
This project’s objective is to bring recently rediscovered musical, theatrical and literary works by Jewish artists back to the attention of scholars and the public, and to stimulate the creation of new works based on archives. This scholarly work and artistic practice will engage with and re-theorise traditional archives, ethnographic archives, and artistic works themselves. The multi-disciplinary team will focus on the years 1880-1950, an intense period of Jewish displacement, in order to illuminate the role of art in displacement.

Environment and Sustainability Large Grants

The Power and the Water: Connecting Pasts with Futures
Professor Peter Coates, University of Bristol

Spaces of experience and horizons of expectation: the implications of extreme weather events, past, present and future
Professor Georgina Endfield, University of Nottingham

Understanding Cultural Resilience and Climate Change on the Bering Sea through Yup’ik Ecological Knowledge, Lifeways, Learning and Archaeology (ELLA)
Dr Richard Arden Knecht, University of Aberdeen

Caring for the Future Through Ancestral Time: Engaging the Cultural and Spiritual Presence of the Past to promote a Sustainable Future
Professor Michael Northcott, University of Edinburgh

Sustainability and subsistence systems in a changing Sudan
Dr Philippa Ryan, The British Museum (Early Career Route)

Earth in vision: BBC coverage of environmental change 1960 – 2010
Dr Joe Smith, Open University

Pathways to understanding the changing climate: time and place in cultural learning about the environment
Dr David Sneath, University of Cambridge

Future Pasts in an Apocalyptic Moment: A Hybrid Analysis of ‘Green’ Performativities and Ecocultural Ethics in a Globalised African Landscape
Professor Sian Sullivan, Bath Spa University

Material Cultures of Energy: Transitions, Disruption, and Everyday Life in the Twentieth Century
Professor Frank Trentmann, The University of Manchester

INTERSECTION: Intergenerational Justice, Consumption and Sustainability in Comparative Perspective
Professor Gill Valentine, University of Sheffield