Integration and Integration Policy Roundtable Meetings

Thompson - Integration Brief ImageIntegration and Integration Policy Roundtable Meetings

Following the highly successful ‘Making History Work’ seminars organised by AHRC Care for the Future, AHRC Translating Cultures, and Institute for Government, Andrew Thompson was asked to participate in the roundtable on 20 October 2014, ‘What is Integration?’

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COMPAS Oxford co-organised three roundtables on Integration and Integration policy with the Integration and Faith Division of the UK’s Department of Communities and Local Government, hosted at their London office. The aim was to inform understanding and stimulate debate on integration processes, outcomes and policy interventions.

What is Integration?

This roundtable explored differing concepts of integration processes, aims of integration policies and the history of policy approaches in the UK: highlighting integration as not one but a series of processes; the role of local versus national approaches and of mainstream versus targeted integration policies.


Thompson’s briefing can be downloaded here: Thompson Briefing, What is Integration – 20 Oct 2014