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Call for Papers

A crisis in ‘coming to terms with the past’?
At the crossroads of translation and memory

1-2 February 2019
Senate House, London

Over the past decade, a particular notion of ‘coming to terms with the past’, usually associated with an international liberal consensus, has increasingly been challenged. Growing in strength since the 1980s, this consensus has been underpinned by the idea that difficult historical legacies, displaced into the present, and persisting as patterns of thought, speech and behaviour, needed to be addressed through a range of phenomena such as transitional justice, reconciliation, and the forging of shared narratives to ensure social cohesion and shore up democratic norms. Continue reading

Making History Work


Making History Work –  Seminar series with AHRC Translating Cultures and Institute for Government

Between March – July 2014 the Arts and Humanities Research Council’s Care for the Future and Translating Cultures research themes and the Institute for Government held 4 joint seminars on ‘Making History Work’ – bringing together academics, senior policy officials and practitioners to consider how history and intercultural learning are used in practice by policy makers and how academia and public policy can better engage each other. Continue reading